The Heart of the Foundation

The Ayers Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people of Tennessee. We believe this is best accomplished by positively affecting the fields of Education, Conservation and Social Welfare.

The Ayers Foundation is a Proud Partner of

We are proud to partner with the state of Tennessee as Tennessee Promise mentors that advocate for student success and encourage community service within the five counties we serve.

I want to thank each of you for all the support, help, and encouragement you give to all the students and parents. The love for the students shows through all you do! Our community is blessed beyond words for the Ayers Foundation!

Patti Lewis-Tubbs, Parent
Scotts Hill, TN

“The Ayers Foundation is absolutely changing futures for students in Unicoi County. Their partnership has been a game changer for our entire community.”

John English, Superintendent
Erwin, TN

“From the moment you walk in the door, the Ayers counselors treat you like family. They always have an answer for any problem, and if they aren’t sure, they know someone who can find out.”

Peyton Hinson, Student
Linden, TN

Their staff keeps the faculty well informed so we can help students better, and the bottom line is this: If there is a penny out there, they will find it, and make sure the students have done their part to get it!

Shirley Wallace, Teacher
Lexington, TN

We're very pleased to welcome Dr. Burton Williams to The Ayers Foundation team!

Rural school districts face different challenges than other districts. Our latest blog highlights how SCORE and the @ayersfsp are helping students in #rural communities pave a path to #postsecondary success.

The Ayers Foundation is seeking applicants for our new Director of Accounting! Please use the link below for more information and how to apply.


THEC is excited to officially launch a momentum-building year to renew and articulate the value of education in Tennessee and to increase enrollment in education and training beyond high school. #TNMomentumYear2023

Thank you to Janet Ayers for opening this morning’s Tennessee Rural Acceleration and Innovation Network (TRAIN) convening! We are excited to spend the day learning alongside 25 rural districts on the topic of college-going and thank @ayersfsp for their support of this network.

We're now accepting applications for a Regional Coordinator based in Middle Tennessee!
For more information and to apply, click the link below:

We're accepting applications for our Director of Economic and Community Development! Apply today at https://www.theayersfoundation.org/contact/employment

Tennessee will receive funds that have the potential to truly transform the lives of the more than 492,000 Tennesseans who currently lack adequate internet access. Read more in this op-ed by @cooperangieb & Janet Ayers of the @ayersfsp #digitaldivide https://www.tennessean.com/story/opinion/2022/01/24/tennessee-can-reach-its-full-potential-internet-access-funding/9198470002/

@ayersfsp Director Susan Rhodes explains her organizations social work-based model - “We meet students and their families where they are and help them prepare to access and succeed in #HigherEducation, starting in the eighth grade.” #ElevateNC #CTLI

From all of us at The Ayers Foundation, Happy Thanksgiving!

A great day for a ribbon cutting @TCATCrump's new Parsons Campus. Thanks to @ayersfsp and Jim and Janet Ayers for their support and these new opportunities for Decatur, Henderson and Perry County students.

ATTN: Educators & Community Leaders: Tennessee Governor @GovBillLee and @TNedu Commissioner @SchwinnTeach are hosting 8 regional public town halls across TN over the next month to discuss #TNeduFunding strategies that best serve our students. https://www.tn.gov/education/tnedufunding

And we’re live! 🙌

The 2022–23 FAFSA® form is now available. Head to http://fafsa.gov or the myStudentAid mobile app to start your #FAFSA form now.

Students & school leaders in counties now participating in The Ayers Foundation Scholars Program through the Governor’s Rural Education Foundation expansion expressed their thanks to TAF and Gov Bill Lee in a short video presented at yesterday’s meeting. https://youtu.be/0hi_isYp_G4

Honored to be in Parsons to celebrate the meaningful work by @ayersfsp. Together, we're creating a first-of-its-kind rural education partnership that will help students in some of our most at-risk & distressed communities prepare for college, career, & life!

College App Week? In TN, more like College App Month! There’s no better time for seniors to complete their college apps than right now. If you need help or want to know more about our college partners’ plans for Free App Waivers, reach out to your Ayers Counselor today!

The Scholars Program by @ayersfsp recruits/trains college & career counselors to help rural TN students earn a postsecondary credential. Learn how data-driven advising that starts early is helping students succeed! http://ow.ly/67yW50FYeK9

Thank you Lewis County Herald for the introduction, we are looking forward to a great first year in Lewis County!

Super excited for @HaywoodSchools to be a part of @ayersfsp’s expansion of their college access & success program! Our students @HMSTomcats & @haywoodhigh will benefit greatly from this partnership. Thank you @GovBillLee for your support of rural education! #OpportunityHaywood💜

Our expansion is drawing nearer, and it's not too late for YOU to apply to join our team! More information can be found at https://theayersfoundation.org/job-opportunities/

Thank you @GovBillLee for your leadership & your partnership in helping more students in rural Tennessee prepare for college, career, and life! #AyersFoundationScholars #WorkforceReady #TNSOTS

"As a foundation dedicated to helping more Tennessee students prepare for college and gain the skills needed to be workforce-ready, we strongly support the state's laser-like focus on early literacy." - Janet Ayers, President, Ayers Foundation


This summer we joined @ayersfsp @ayersinstitute & @SCORE4Schools to form a network of rural TN districts. Innovating alongside these educators helped equip them to navigate virtual/hybrid learning + pointed to key lessons for rural districts nationwide: https://bit.ly/TN-TRAIN

"Personalizing counseling to an individual student's life circumstances — going beyond standard application help
— may be the powerful missing piece needed to tackle the rural education gap."


We are excited about this initiative with amazing partners like @LipscombCLPS, @farmcreditmid, and the Bill and Crissy Haslam Foundation to support our leaders in rural communities!

The 2021-2022 #FAFSA is officially open! Contact your Ayers Counselor today if you have questions or haven't already made an appointment!

Our @HaywoodSchools district instructional team met this afternoon to discuss our #TRAIN professional learning options w/ @NIETteach. Thank you, @ayersfsp! #virtualeducation #collaborativepartnerships @McQueenCandice @SCORE4Schools @ayersinstitute

The anticipation is building, tomorrow is the day! #FAFSA https://www.instagram.com/p/CFw18EgABXo/?igshid=4i2iooqtaxje

The countdown continues...2 days until the #FAFSA opens! You can make an appointment with an Ayers Counselor to assist you, so don't delay!

Three days until the #FAFSA opens! Our Ayers Counselors are getting excited!

Big day for us during #tncollegeappweek! 50% of seniors have completed at least 1 college app!

It's officially #TNCollegeAppWeek! We've been counting down the days to one of our favorite weeks of the year!

#ICYMI: NIET, @ayersinstitute, @ayersfsp and @SCORE4Schools have teamed up to support educators in rural TN in 2020-21. Read more about this partnership and early trends: http://bit.ly/TN-TRAIN

We're thrilled to partner with @NIETteach, @SCORE4Schools, and @ayersinstitute in a mission to support 15 Rural TN school districts and the path forward for combining both virtual and in-person learning! Find out more at http://bit.ly/TN-TRAIN

Today, on Live from the Laundry Room's Who's in Your School series, we check in with Mrs. Becky and Mr. Charles "Bubba" Long to see how quarantine has been going and what the beginning of school will look like! https://youtu.be/pehKsid_SmI

Today's Live from the Laundry Room takes us to Lawrence County and into Summertown High School specifically to catch with Hope Perry! https://youtu.be/11KxKmxCVrQ

In this episode of Who's in Your School, we talk to Ben Cooper, Ayers counselor at Columbia State Community College! Ben lets us know how he'll operate for the fall semester and his artistic approach to dealing with quarantine and social distancing. https://youtu.be/GCmeHsIdwEc

For today's Who's in Your School, we catch up with Dr. Angela Marshall at SHHS! We find out about her strategies for this upcoming semester and her newest outdoor purchase for the question "Whatcha Doin' at Home" also catches Jesse off guard. Catch up now!

For this special edition of Who's in Your School, ML takes over and checks in with Jesse and Recey at Lexington High School! ML asks the tough questions: how the upcoming semester will look a little different and some advice on how to thrive during COVID19 https://youtu.be/hP4vjw1C420

There's no time to wait! #ItsGOTimeTN Get that summer satisfaction of having your Fall 2020 schedule today!

We know it's been a rough year for the #ClassOf2020, but don't let that get in the way of your future. LISTEN to @UTKnoxville's Maryn Sanders on why It's Go Time for College this Fall! #ItsGoTimeTN

Today's Live from the Laundry Room takes us back to @JSCC_main to talk with Alex Devlin, Ayers Counselor at the Lexington campus! We discuss #ItsGOTimeTN, what our students can be doing now, and a little of what has kept us busy during the pandemic.

There's no time to wait, #ItsGOTimeTN!

No time to wait! #ItsGOTimeTN! If you haven't signed up for orientation, reach out today!

There's no time to waste! If you don't know your next step, reach out to your Ayers Counselor today!

We have an opening on our team at Union High School in Missouri! Please refer to the post for details and how to apply!

Don't know what step is next? No time to waste, reach out today!

Now is the time, more than ever before! If you have questions over what's next in your journey, please reach out to your Ayers Counselor today! #ItsGOTimeTN

For this Who's in Your School edition episode of Live from the Laundry Room, Jesse checks in with Mary Lauren as she travels across the country! Mary Lauren is the Ayers Counselor at Perry County High School. Enjoy!

No time to wait.
No time to waste.
It's GO Time for college this fall!

It’s GO Time for College in Tennessee! Join us in supporting students as they finalize their college plans for the fall! http://ItsGoTimeTN.com #ItsGoTimeTN

For today's episode, we reach out to @kenyattalovett, the Assistant Commissioner of Workforce Services with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development to discuss how his office has adapted, what's next, and how this impacts our students!

The Ayers Foundation counselors from Unicoi County joined us for Live from the Laundry Room: Who's in Your School edition this week! Enjoy!

Take a look at our new blog: Helping Rural Students Head to College in Uncertain Times - The Aspen Institute https://www.aspeninstitute.org/blog-posts/support-rural-students-uncertain-times/ via @aspeninstitute with @rootEdAlliance @HalHigdon @ayersfsp @AspenHigherEd

ICYMI: Live from the Laundry Room's biggest episode yet, featuring two guests! Our president Mrs. Janet Ayers and @ETSUPrez Dr. Brian Noland join us for a fun and heart-filled time! Catch up now!
Part 1: https://youtu.be/fQY96nieyVw
Part 2: https://youtu.be/__ROoUMXlfI

On today's Live from the Laundry Room, we continue checking in with our friends at @etsu, and Caleb Bennett updates us on what to expect to get prepared for next semester!

Today's Live from the Laundry Room features our friend David Clark from @JSCC_main!

On today's Live from the Laundry Room, we're excited to feature our first professor! @StephenHendrix is our guest, and he fills us in on how students adjusted to moving to an online format. He's also the first guest to join us from his own laundry room!

On a new segment of Live from the Laundry Room that we're calling "Who's in Your School?", we interview one of the Ayers Foundation counselors that work within YOUR school! Today's guest is Brianna Morton of Riverside High School!

On today's Live from the Laundry Room, we catch up with Jesse's Alma Mater, @BethelUniv on how they're working from home (while hoping to head back soon), how orientation is looking this summer, and, of course, our favorite segment: Whatcha doing at home?

Today, on Live from the Laundry Room, we chat with our friend @JTSnider from THEC/TSAC. He gives us some crucial updates, we get some advice about how important routines are, and we also check in to see what's keeping him busy while working at home. Enjoy!

It's here: Part two of our chat with Rep @KirkHaston35IU ! We get some advice and play one more game with our friend that hits close to home. Enjoy!

For today's Live from the Laundry Room, we speak to @KirkHaston35IU of District 72 to discuss the recommendation that all schools stay closed for the remainder of year, what next school year could look like, and a couple of games. Stay Tuned for Pt 2!

For today's Live from the Laundry Room, we talk to our friend Dr. Jason Rushing about @TCATJackson and their extension campuses (like Lexington, Jesse's home turf) about how their operating during COVID and what to look forward to next semester!

Today's episode of Live from the Laundry Room covers Jesse's home turf: @JSCC_main Lexington Extension Campus with our friend Sandy Stanfill! She updates us on how @JSCC_main is responding to COVID and what to look forward to this summer and beyond!

Today, on Live from the Laundry Room, we catch up with our friend Stephen Milligan from TCAT Crump about how they're responding COVID and what to look forward to next semester!

You've waited for it, & your patience has paid off! Here's Pt 2 with our friend @KC4UTM He tells us how next semester is looking, we have a surprise call-in, & we even put UTM Alum vs UTM Chancellor in a battle of UTM knowledge, albeit in only 10 seconds.

On Good Friday's edition of Live from the Laundry Room, we bring you part 1 of our chat with @KC4UTM to update us on UTM's #COVID19 response. We also can't help but have a little fun with our friend & introduce a new segment of games!

Today's episode of Live from the Laundry Room features Jason Seay, of TSAC/THEC fame. We loved chatting with him, getting updates about TN Promise and TN Hope, and how he's made it without March Madness!


Today's episode of Live from the Laundry Room takes us out of the state of TN, and to the home of Leo III and Una, @north_alabama! We check in with our friend Jill Chambers on how UNA is responding to #COVID19

Today's episode of Live from the Laundry Room takes us to Cookeville to chat with our friend Dr. Rob at @tennesseetech!


On today's episode of Live from the Laundry Room, we connect with our friend Jordan from @austinpeay! We chatted about how this semester is going and what future freshmen can expect next!


On today's episode of Live from the Laundry Room, we catch up with Mr. Adam Johnson from @UMLambuth about their #COVID19 response, how they're adapting to be online, and how to prep for next semester! (He was also outside, jealous!)


Today on Live from the Laundry Room Episode 4, we chat with our friend @hnnhlyhw from @MTSU about how they are helping their students during #COVID, what we're during during social distancing, and some great advice that everyone could use during this time!

On Live from the Laundry Room: Episode 3, we check in with Jason Lyon from UTC about their response to #COVID and how they're helping current students and future freshmen. Click the link to watch!


We had a wonderful conversation with @cisholt from @columbiastate with updates about how they're helping students during #COVID. Check out the latest episode of Live from the Laundry Room now!


Here's an update from @UTM_Parsons about how they're helping students respond to #COVID2019. Updates from more of our partners to come, so be sure to follow!


STUDENTS: Due to the current state of emergency related to #COVID19, the @TNPromise April 1 community service requirement has been waived. @tnAchieves @ayersfsp


"Philanthropy can be the great convener that brings people to the same room to talk about needed policy changes". - Janet Ayers of @ayersfsp #ruralinnovation @AspenCSG

Brianna Morton, College Access Counselor, Riverside High School in rural Decaturville TN knows personally the value of having support in making the jump in to college and now provides that to kids in her school. #ruralinnovation

"We don't go into communities unless they want us there. We are a pretty heavy hand. So they have to want it." - Janet Ayers - @ayersfsp #ruralinnovation @AspenCSG

@DanPorterfield How do we win over the business sector to invest in educational excellence among rural students? Great question. @ayersfsp started by business people. They lead by example. #RuralInnovation @CommunitiesU @AspenCSG

Wow! @ayersfsp leader Janet Ayers just knocked it out of the park - the role of philanthropy is to seed and support, while working with government partners to scale. They are moving the needle on education in #rural america. #ruralinnovation

@ruralinnovators @AspenInstitute discuss college access and what college access and #ruralinnovation in education requires. They underscore the inherently human elements of development: mentors, coaches, advisors, first rate teachers, savvy administrators, trust.

"We start with 8th grade. We work to familiarize students with college life. And we do everything we can to remove barriers" - Brianna Morton of @ayersfsp, #ruralinnovation @AspenCSG @AspenInstitute

Janet Ayers, @ayersfsp "We are barrier removers." We knew that to help students we had to be in the school, meeting students where they are and connecting them with what the need. #ruralinnovation

Dan Porterfield, @AspenInstitute: College counseling in this country is very dependent on philanthropy. Without foundations like @ayersfsp, it wouldn't happen in a lot of places. #ruralinnovation

"How do you establish trust?" - Dan Porterfield, @AspenInstitute . "We are always there and checking in. The students don't always like it, but I'm always there" - Brianna Morton, @ayersfsp #ruralinnovation @AspenCSG

"With Ayers there are no boxes. If we see something that will help our community, we are able to pursue it." Brianna Morton, counselor, @ayersfsp #ruralinnovation @AspenInstitute

When we invest in rural education, we invest in the improvement of our rural communities. This week rural experts will be on the Hill to discuss topical issues around rural students and communities. @ayersfsp @HalHigdon @BereaPartners #RuralEducation

Rural students graduate from high school at rates equal to or higher than those of their urban/suburban peers, only ⅓ attend college. Janet Ayers, President of @ayersfsp will join a conversation on the Hill on Mar. 12 #RuralEducation

390 students from 4 high schools, 12 sessions, 2 days. Our Junior College Summit at the @UTM_Parsons campus has been a success!

Wednesday March 11: America's Rural Opportunity series will highlight #ruralinnovation in education and student advising. Hear stories from @ayersfsp, @HalHigdon, @rootEdAlliance @AspenHigherEd Join us online or in person: http://www.aspeninstitute.org/events/ARO12

We would love to thank Marjie Betley from @ViewChicago for coming to our training yesterday to discuss UChicago, Questbridge, and best practices for our students!

“We’ll let others stay on cruise control. We’ll bear down, and keep moving forward” - Mr. Ayers during our first quarterly training at our new headquarters!

APSU one-day conference! March 24
Featured speakers:
Janet Ayers, President, The Ayers Foundation @ayersfsp
Dr. Allen Pratt, Executive Director, NREA @PrattAllen
Dr. Penny Schwinn, TN Commissioner of Education @SchwinnTeach

Thanks to the great folks at @ayersfsp in Parsons today! We are grateful for the many ways they support @utmartin. #beUTMproud


It was great to have Mr. and Mrs. Ayers at Lexington High School yesterday!

Our first training is underway. The Southwest Career Readiness Network Professional Development had special guest @KirkHaston35IU!

It was a great day in Parsons! We celebrated the ribbon cutting of our new headquarters in the childhood home of our founder, Mr. Jim Ayers!

Join us today for our Open House!
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
643 Tennessee Avenue South, Parsons, TN.


Jim and Janet Ayers have big ideas, big dreams and big hearts.

Congratulations to everyone at @ayersfsp for 20 years of service—giving more rural Tennesseans more educational opportunities.

I was glad to speak at the dedication of their new headquarters today in Parsons.

It was great to see our President, Mrs Janet Ayers, receive the 2019 Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award yesterday! https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/2019/10/17/joe-kraft-humanitarian-award-given-7-trailblazing-women-colleen-conway-welch/4009002002/

Privileged to have the opportunity to celebrate the @CFMT’s Women of Wonder honorees, including @SCORE4Schools board member Janet Ayers. Congratulations to all and thank you for your service!

Great day in Decatur and Perry counties w/ @ayersfsp! Appreciate @susan_rhodes12 and the support their team gives West TN students! #access #educate #beUTMproud

It’s October 1st, so the 2020-2021 FAFSA is officially live! Don’t wait, make a FAFSA appointment today!

Regional Career Expo organized by the @ayersfsp yesterday. Love seeing students consider new @TN_Pathways and expand what #success looks like to them!
#futureready #schoolcounselor #CCR

The @FAFSA opens oct 1! Call to schedule an appointment for all your FAFSA needs!

A few highlights of the Career Expo for Henderson, Decatur, and Perry Counties’ eighth graders yesterday!

At #SCOREinstitute, Vanderbilt student @zander_alley and @susan_rhodes12 of @ayersfsp discuss the importance of postsecondary education and career preparation.

“The Federation is thankful for visionary philanthropists like Jim and Janet, and The Ayers Foundation, who understand how our natural resources underpin much of Tennessee’s economy and our traditions.”


#ThrowbackThursday to...yesterday! Coalition member schools, counselors, @ayersfsp and others dedicated to student equity and success gathered in rural Tennessee to talk about how we all can move the needle on increasing access to college for rural students.

We're adding another member to the team!

We're looking for experienced individuals to add to our team in Missouri! Details attached.

Very proud of our founder and president being presented with the Phoenix Award this past Saturday night!

Here’s our #DecisionDay banner with all signatures from seniors in attendance today. Thank you to Commissioner Vandeven and to our partners @ayersfsp and rootED Alliance for making the trip to celebrate with us today. @Journey2College

Bright futures ahead for these ⁦@UnionHighCats⁩ students! #ShowMeSuccess! Thank you, ⁦@ayersfsp⁩ and rootEd Alliance, for supporting MO Students. Access Matters!

We were so honored to watch our founder, Mr. Jim Ayers, accept the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans award and become a lifetime Member of the Association. We congratulate Mr. Ayers on this well deserved accomplishment!

We’re hiring!
The Ayers Foundation Scholsrs Program Counselor at Union High School in Union, MO. Please send any questions/resumes to resumes@theayersfoundation.org

A great report from our ⁦@lcssus⁩ Ayers Foundation Counselors. ⁦Our seniors are making plans beyond high school. These folks are making a difference for good!
@ayerslchs⁩ ⁦@ayersshs⁩ ⁦@ayersfsp⁩

We are very honored that our founder, Mr. Ayers, was selected as a member of the 2019 Horatio Alger Class!

Over the last eight years, First Lady @CrissyHaslam has focused on reading proficiency for children. “I am encouraged that reading scores in TN are starting to improve.” - First Lady @CrissyHaslam, the 2018 Innovator in Education!

Click the link below to see our current employment opportunities!


Had a great tour and lunch today at @utmartin!

All of a sudden, the lines are blurring. Everyone is sitting at the same table discussing how to make sure every student graduates & finds gainful employment - Janet Ayers @ayersfsp on engagement & collaboration to drive success. #FutureReadyTn

The @ayersfsp is a connector. We connect K-12 students with postsecondary institutions and the workforce. Our program’s goal is to ensure all of our students are gainfully employed. Gainful employment is the true key. - Janet Ayers #FutureReadyTN

“What if every Tennessee student had access to a program that was a connector to postsecondary institutions and industry partners?” - Janet Ayers #FutureReadyTN @ayersfsp

Shifting the focus to innovation for increased opportunities for students with panelists Janet Ayers, @ayersfsp; @THobson16; Dr. @jdmatsudaira, @TeachersCollege; and Jon Schnur, America Achieves. #FutureReadyTN

Join us 10/18 for the next Ayers Institute webinar: How can College Access Counselors Partner w/ Families? Two experts will share strategies for partnering w/ parents to encourage a college-going identity. @LipscombCofEd @ayersfsp @TCASN FREE Registration: https://secure.touchnet.net/C20974_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=2361

The 2019-2020 #FAFSA is open! Class of 2019: we are ready for you to take this important step to #keepyourpromise. Need help? @tnAchieves @ayersfsp @Southwest_TN_DD @TNFinancialAid and @TNHigherEd are ready to start the #TNFAFSAFrenzy

Excited to expand our model into Missouri!

Starting the day with an inspiring message from Janet Ayers. #fortify18 @ayersfsp @LipscombCofEd

In 2 days, LCHS Guidance and our newest partner, Ayers Foundation, completed 201/254 TN Promise applications for the Class of 2019! That is almost 80%! LCHS is serious about helping ALL of our students become and understand what it means to be “College Ready.”

Don’t miss Janet Ayers asking, "what if we unleashed educational innovation?" at Fortify 2018 on Sept. 18th at SPARK-Downtown Nashville @LipscombCofEd @ayersfsp http://fortify.ayersinstitute.org

Fortify 2018: Speakers include Janet Ayers, @jarredamato, @jerre_maynor, Beth Wilson, Sister Cecilia Anne Wanner, Patty Thomas, @DrNKArrighi, and Teacher of the Year, @cicely_woodard. Hear their What ifs?! https://secure.touchnet.net/C20974_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=2085 @LipscombCofEd @ProjectLITComm @ayersfsp

Kollin Lippert, a senior Business Management major, presenting on how to be a Distance Learning Technician to Student Workers. #greatutmstudents @ayersfsp

Tennessee's @ayersfsp is increasing postsecondary access and success https://styleblueprint.com/nashville/everyday/how-this-tn-educational-initiative-leads-to-a-400-increase-in-post-secondary-education/

Summer is flying by...have you submitted your @TNPromise community service hours?! Don’t miss out, visit the website of your Promise partner organization to find service opps. and submit your hours! @ayersfsp @tnAchieves @Southwest_TN_DD


Make sure you do not lose your TN Promise eligibility! July 1st 2018 is the deadline for submitting CS for this coming fall semester! http://www.ayersscholars.org/tn-promise/

Special thank you to those who joined us in Decatur Co today on our #BoydBusTour stop. So much of what inspired me to begin @tnAchieves and build the @TNPromise is right here in Parsons thanks to the hard work of the @ayersfsp.

College Signing Day 2018! Great day celebrating our Seniors. 95% Postsecondary commitment! Thanks to @ETSUPrez for speaking! @ayersfsp @Unicoi_Schools

We’re hiring! If you or someone you know would make an excellent IT Coordinator, click the link@below! http://www.ayersscholars.org/employment/

Great article from @BethelUniv and

Thrilled to see Governor @BillHaslam & Commissioner @McQueenCandice last week announce a major new push to support and enhance school leadership in Tennessee - along with a significant proposal for public & private funding! #LeadershipMatters

"We believe that this will carry the state to the next level" - Ayers Foundation President Janet Ayers.
Honored to support @BillHaslam's investment in school leaders! @SCORE4Schools @ScarlettFndt https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/education/2018/03/20/gov-bill-haslam-unveils-3-5-million-plan-help-improve-leadership-skills-tennessee-principals/438417002/

“All schools, all districts, all areas of the state deserve effective leadership.” @McQueenCandice & @BillHaslam announce principal leadership initiative. Great to have so many LT members involved & present @JamieWoodson @ginipupo @UTMcIntyre @davemansouri @ayersfsp

Great teamwork here to build #TN "Principal Pipelines" by @BillHaslam, @McQueenCandice, @SCORE4Schools, @ayersfsp, @ScarlettFoundn https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/education/2018/03/20/gov-bill-haslam-unveils-3-5-million-plan-help-improve-leadership-skills-tennessee-principals/438417002/

Spring has sprung in Tennessee! Use this beautiful weekend to get outside and give back to your community...and earn community service hours for @TNPromise! Check out great service opportunities near you on the @ayersfsp @tnAchieves and @Southwest_TN_DD websites.

It was a great day for collaboration and exploration of ways to improve our students' preparation for their future careers!

So excited for Grace Ann-she has won the TSDAR Scholarship and will be presented this honor at the State Capitol this summer. Congrats!! Way to represent Unicoi County! @UCHSCD @ayersfsp

Spent the day with @CumberlandU! Lots of opportunities for our students! Thanks for an awesome day! @ayersfsp @TNPromise @TNFinancialAid @tnstudent @TNHigherEd

Honored to have @ayersfsp on campus today @CumberlandU. Our office looks forward to sharing the history and future of Cumberland with your students. Thank you for what you do in ensuring access and success of Tennessee students.

A few of our Lexington HS Students participating in National Signing Day at TCAT-Paris!

Our students at National Signing Day at TCAT Hohenwald! @TNRegents @TNPromise @TNFinancialAid @TNHigherEd @tnstudent @ayersfsp

Students, we hope you had a great winter break, and our offices are open and (mostly) warm. Here's to the SPRING in spring semester!

Another great moment from the year: I always enjoy #CollegeSigningDay, and this year we did it big with @Unicoi_Schools and my friends @ayersfsp to celebrate a 98% college-going rate! Also, posed for an amazing selfie with @mikekrauseTN & @Unicoi_Schools students!

We are so thankful for being selected for this year's service project! http://www.aacrao.org/resources/resources-detail-view/giving-young-learners-the-gift-of-possibility

We're looking to expand our team!

Thank you to everyone that came to our @tnacrao session, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Campus Tours!

It was an honor to start @tnacrao with an opening session by our director @susan_rhodes12! #tnacrao

Enjoyed lunch at the Ayers Foundation @ayersfsp and appreciate all they do for students in West TN---a true model for the nation

The first step of financial aid in college is the FAFSA! If you have not already completed the FAFSA, contact your Ayers counselor today!

Proud to wear @ayersfsp shirt on #RunwithRandy thru Decatur Co. Their dedication to improving TN is what the Volunteer Spirit is all about!

Couldn't have said it better ourselves, Governor. If you haven't already, make an appointment with your Ayers counselor today!


One of our own, RHS's Hayden Bawcum speaking about dual enrollment at @UTM_Parsons!

We're hanging out at @UTM_Parsons today! @KC4UTM one question, does this count as a bow tie?

It’s COLLEGE APP WEEK! The goal is to get 100% of seniors to apply to college! Visit your Ayers Counselor today to apply!

http://goo.gl/HqiEeB We were honored to be at the ribbon cutting this Tuesday of the Jim and Janet Ayers Center for Health Sciences!

Having a blast today at the annual Ayers College Fair! 800 students will get the opportunity to meet with the 40 colleges in attendance.

Janet Ayers of @ayersfsp: FACES of Nashville https://buff.ly/2eYPSG7

First cold morning of the school year? Must mean campus visits are coming soon! Be on the lookout for permission slips in your Ayers office!

Ready to join our awesome team? We're taking applications now! http://www.ayersscholars.org/employment/

Had a great time hearing from @destin_tucker from @utmartin and our friends at UTC and UTK! Excited to bring this back to our students.

Reminder: The Tennessee Promise application for the class of 2018 is open! If you have not already, visit your Ayers Counselor today!

Getting ready to purchase textbooks? Here's a great deal for students with an email address ending in .edu!

Incredible afternoon with @ayersfsp in Parsons! Ayers Foundation is setting the bar for access & completion in TN!

Class of 2018: think we can get 100% of you to apply for the @TNPromise scholarship?

Very proud of the work being done in Unicoi Co! Keep up with their students' success and activities - @jodilane88 http://www.erwinrecord.net/local-news/rep-ayers-partnership-helped-seniors-acquire-1-4m-funds-post-secondary-education/

"After a lot of hard work, determination, and way too much money I'm officially a licensed pilot! 👨🏻‍✈️🛩"

📸: Joel Killian, @MTSU Sophomore

Thank you to Governor @BillHaslam and the General Assembly for providing students with this opportunity. #TNWeCanBe #TNReconnect

It's summer. Graduations have commenced, high schools are vacant...except your Ayers Counselor! We're here all summer if you need any help!

Congratulations Lexington High School Class of 2017!

We're so blessed and grateful to have @susan_rhodes12 as our leader. Also thankful that @JacobTucker5 was available to present this to her!

Congratulations Perry County High School Class of 2017! We enjoyed celebrating with you and your families tonight!

Thanks to General Assembly for partnering to make TN 1st state to offer tuition-free community college. http://bit.ly/2qTi8RM #TNWeCanBe

We have loved seeing @KC4UTM, @UTMNatalie, and @destin_tucker! They are an all-star team and have our student's best interests at heart!

Congratulations Scotts Hill High School Class of 2017!

Congratulations Riverside High School Class of 2017!

The Ayers Foundation End of the Year Celebration is underway at Riverside High School!

What do Ayers counselors do on a Tuesday night? Dinner with @AWilliamson54! Thanks for the shoutout!

We had the pleasure of meeting Issac at the Jackson State Foundation fundraiser. Best of luck in your next endeavor Issac!

We're so thankful that our President and ETSU alum, Mrs Janet Ayers had the opportunity to give the commencement at ETSU. Congrats Bucs!

Congratulations @Unicoi_Schools seniors & @ayersfsp for the 98% college-going rate! #CollegeSigningDay

106 Jackson St CC graduates tmrw began Fall 2015 on @TNPromise - 20% of the total graduates! #TNPromiseGrads #TnWeCanBe #jscc17 @JSCC_main

@McQueenCandice "inspirational, collaborative & curious" ~Class I member Janet Ayers @LipscombCofEd #innovatorineducation

The UCHS Bluegrass band did a great job performing at the College Signing ceremony!

Before the College Signing Ceremony, the UCHS Drumline started off the festivities with a bang!

Thanks to Jim& Janet Ayers and @ayersfsp for support of @Unicoi_Schools - 98% of Seniors are going to college! #CollegeSigningDay

Thank you so much for joining us in celebrating our UCHS seniors @mikekrauseTN @McQueenCandice! We hope you enjoyed your time in Erwin!

Forgot to book our flights to Australia with you, but we're not scared! It's great to know these opportunities are close by for our students https://twitter.com/DrMelanieBruce/status/850089858911674368

Incredible day @utmartin with the @ayersfsp team! Helping many students realize post-secondary success! @Driveto55 @CompleteTN @UTM_Parsons

We got a close look at the wonderful things the UTM Vet Tech Program is doing. If you have any questions, visit your Ayers Counselor!

We had a great time meeting with Dr. Carver yesterday and learning about the opportunities at UTM! Their Rodeo Weekend continues tonight!

Janet Ayers of @ayerslhs leads #TNedu efforts w/ scholarship & teacher prep programs. More in @StyleBlueprint: http://bit.ly/2mVSyco

Our Parent meeting will be this Thursday at 6 pm in the auditorium, We will also be available during parent-teacher conference!

The University of Memphis will have a representative in the auditorium tomorrow, August 31st, during LE. See you there!

Our first Parent/Senior meeting will be September 15th at 6:00 pm in the auditorium.

Are you #membound or a #futureskyhawk? UTM and Memphis Field Trip Permission Slips are available now! Due THIS FRIDAY

Today is the last day to turn in permission slips for the College Fair on Sept 9th! You do not want to miss this!

Thanks for the great article @erwinrecord! #ayersfoundation #collegeaccess

It's the 10th year of the Ayers Children's Medical Center. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ayers for all that you do!

Don't forget to turn in your permission slips for the College Fair on Sept 9! They are due this Friday!

Senior Meeting this Wednesday, Aug. 10 at the beginning of LE. See you there!

Parents of LHS Juniors: It is time to start putting information together for the FAFSA (in Oct this year), call us at (731)-968-2961 ext6080

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