The Ayers Institute of Teacher Learning and Innovation at Libscomb

About the Program


The Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation, at Lipscomb University, exists to improve teacher performance and student outcomes throughout Tennessee, with a particular emphasis on teacher and leader development in turn-around schools and rural school systems.

Established in 2012 as a partnership between The Ayers Foundation and Lipscomb University’s College of Education, the Institute was initiated as a result of Dean Candice McQueen’s vision for creating a high-quality clearinghouse for best practices, coupled with exceptional learning opportunities and professional training, to support and develop our best teachers and leaders across the state, especially in more challenged areas. The Institute also seeks to incubate and develop new instructional practices that best promote student outcomes and have the potential to become scalable. The Institute was made possible by the generous $1 million initial gift from Jim and Janet Ayers. As president of The Ayers Foundation, Janet Ayers is a respected reform-minded philanthropist who supports initiatives that have immediate impact for teachers and students in the state of Tennessee.

The Ayers Institute was founded upon the following principles:
  • Education reform should be guided by research and global best practices in education.
  • Best practice requires implementation with fidelity, on-going research on effectiveness and a continuing quest for improvement and innovation.
  • Teachers and leaders are KEY to education reform and achievement in schools.
  • Students can make significant achievement gains when teachers implement research-based best practices.

The Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation is a strategic catalyst for the transformational reform efforts being led by the state of Tennessee. By recognizing the vital role of the teachers and leaders in every classroom, in every school and region of the state, The Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation exists to support teachers and school leaders in improving student outcomes. Using our knowledge of best practices, matched with the understanding of unique needs of various individuals and organizations, we create individualized educational opportunities to train and embed professional learning that supports positive student outcomes.

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