The Centerstone Research Institute: The Knowledge Network

About the Program


The Ayers Foundation is an integral partner in advancing the work of Centerstone Research Institute (CRI) to improve the quality and effectiveness of care for people facing behavioral health disorders. Through this partnership, The Ayers Foundation has forged a commitment to help ensure that the 33 million Americans seeking help for behavioral health disorders receive the most effective care without delay.

The Ayers Foundation provided key support to establish CRI’s Knowledge Network, a national collaborative of academic researchers, mental healthcare providers, policymakers and industry leaders who are committed to dialogue and action in an effort to reduce the disparity between today’s healthcare realities and tomorrow’s cures.

The goal of The Knowledge Network is to promote the use of empirically proven treatments in community-based behavioral health settings in order to bridge the gap between research and practice. The Network brings together healthcare, research, and technology innovators, treatment providers and other thought leaders in collaborative work to:

  • Advance community behavioral health provider participation in academic research
  • Improve behavioral healthcare quality and cost effectiveness by impacting federal policy priorities
  • Connect community mental health centers across the country that are devoted to providing research-based care
  • Create and distribute technology and educational tools that increase the implementation of research-based care in behavioral healthcare settings
  • Implement innovative and data-driven treatment strategies such as clinical decision support in mental health care

The Knowledge Network maintains a data warehouse, which is the largest repository of community-based mental health data in the US and which leverages sophisticated analytics tools to mine this data and improve care, as well as business practices. From this data warehouse, Enlighten Analytics has evolved and become a nationally recognized, cutting edge behavioral health business intelligence platform that helps behavioral health organizations harness the power of their data to reduce costs, improve operations and enhance patient care.

Together, the Ayers Foundation and CRI are making a difference in the behavioral health field and improving the lives of individuals and families in communities across the nation. To learn more about The Knowledge Network, visit the Centerstone Research Institute website.