The Scholar’s Program

The Ayers Foundation Scholars Program is an effective college access and success program currently providing comprehensive services to twenty-one high schools and two community colleges in rural West, Middle, and East Tennessee. Founded in 1999, The Ayers Foundation model provides services beginning in the 8th grade and continues services into and through college. The program has shown dramatic success in increasing college-going rates, persistence, and completion. The Ayers Foundation uses a comprehensive college counseling model. The Ayers Foundation model links best practices of academic readiness, changes in school culture, and college enrollment and attainment. 100% of students enrolled at participating high schools receive services from The Ayers Foundation. Since inception, every student has had access to higher education provided by an individualized plan with a college access counselor. The scholars program is more than college access; it prepares and works with each student to provide resources so they are prepared to be college eligible, successful, and in the end, work-force ready.