Completion Grants

Ayers Completion Grants

Helping TN Promise Students with Unexpected Financial Burdens

A completion grant serves as additional funding that can cover costs outside of tuition and mandatory fees. Determining eligibility and requesting a completion grant is simple. To qualify, a student must:

  1. Be eligible for a federal PELL grant. This is based on a student’s Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) as determined using the FAFSA. Please ask your completion coach or the financial aid office for clarification if you are unsure.
  2. Be eligible for TN Promise.
  3. Be enrolled full-time.
  4. Complete the completion grant form in its entirety, including necessary documentation.
  5. Connect with your Ayers Counselor.

Qualifying students can be awarded up to $1,000 per academic period (periods reset Aug 1, Dec 1, and May 1). Completion grants are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis as funding is limited.

Completion Grant Categories & Documentation

Completion grants can be used to assist with costs associated with the categories below. It is important to note that proper documentation is required for ALL completion grant requests. If you do not provide proper documentation, your request will be denied. The required documentation needed for each category is listed below.

Completion grants cannot be used to reimburse expenses already paid. In addition, funding is given via gift card or paid directly to the vendor, so students never receive a check or money directly. If you request $1000 for “general life expenses” this will be denied as you must request funding for specific expenses.

If you are requesting funding in multiple categories, you will need to submit a separate grant request for each category, however, this can be completed within the same form. Simply select “yes” on the question at the end of each grant form to submit an additional request within the same form. For example, if you are requesting $100 in gas money and $450 for books, you will need to submit TWO separate grant requests.

Please do not submit the same request multiple times!

This innovative program is designed to ensure students feel supported on their journey through college. The Ayers Foundation knows that college can be challenging enough without the stresses of an unexpected financial burden. We hope that completion grants can help alleviate that stress and propel students to graduation!