HR Ops Generalist

Job Opportunities

Human Resources/Operations Generalist  


Full Time Exempt Professional  

Parsons TN

Job Description 

Collaborates closely with Chief Operations Officer and HR Director to assist HR and  Operational functions that support the daily work of our employees. This includes, but is  not limited to, daily support of employee benefits program, renewal process of  organization’s commercial insurance policies, initial contact for HR related questions  (PTO, policies, etc), payroll processing which includes accurate grant allocation and  tracking.  

Essential Responsibilities: 

  • Build strong relationships with employees and management to foster and ensure  organizational culture, while maintaining confidentiality in all aspects of management  decisions and employee matters. 
  • Assists in administering benefits and employee support programs  Participates in and schedules interviews, meetings, and various onboarding tasks as  requested by HR Director and COO. 
  • Assists with organization of HR files and employee files to ensure efficiencies and  documentation compliance 
  • Helps facilitate and support performance review process both introductory and annual Front line for providing support by connecting employees to available resources for day  to day HR and benefit questions, employee relation concerns, etc. 
  • Manage annual renewal process of supporting commercial insurance programs to include  cost-benefit review, updating demographic data, etc. 
  • Ensures accurate and timely processing of payroll by maintaining compliance with  federal, state and local payroll wage and hour laws and best practices. Facilitates continued audit readiness by maintaining accurate grant allocation and  tracking 

The Ayers Foundation • P.O. Box 756 • Parsons, Tennessee 38363 


  • Ability to build and maintain trust among team and stakeholders. Consistently being a mission driven, comfortable in ambiguous situations.  Role Model displaying calm, confident, confidential demeanor.  Displays an exemplary team mindset while maintaining a high level of pride in work and  accepts responsibility for actions and decisions.  
  • Develop the ability to anticipate potential problem areas and take the preventative  corrective action.  
  • Demonstrate openness and honesty in communications and interactions.  
  • Display professionalism when dealing with stressful and/or uncomfortable situations.  Does not allow emotions to interfere in carrying out work and interactions with others.  Proficiency in computer skills including but not limited to: Microsoft, Google  Enterprise, Salesforce, Banner and other platforms as needed  


  • This position supports the Operations function and reports directly to the Director of HR


  • Bachelor’s degree required with preference in Business Administration or Human  Resources. Minimum 1-2 years or more of HR experience preferred, certification in  related field preferred. 

Physical Demands

  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to  perform the essential functions.  
  • Occasional travel to Nashville or school sites may be required  
  • Sitting, standing, driving, traveling, lifting up to 15lbs and repetitive motion from  computer use 
  • Ability to walk 1-3 miles for campus tours and visits if needed Hearing/Speaking effectively as required for communication 

The Ayers Foundation • P.O. Box 756 • Parsons, Tennessee 38363 

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work  performed by people assigned to this job classification. They are not intended to be an  exhaustive list of all job duties performed by the personnel so classified, and the  expectation is that the job holder will do whatever is needed to get the job done.